2018 XDURO FullSeven Carbon 10.0

  • Equiped with the Bosch Performance CX which has been specially optimized for sporty use.

  • The motor delivers a constant maximum torque of up to 75 Nm up even to a high speed range



The legendary lightweight XDURO FullSeven Carbon models offer a unique range of ePerformance mountain bikes with suspension travel up to 120 mm for tackling light to medium terrain.


    Made of shock-resistant plastic, the light component protects effectively from scratches or motor damage.
    The Haibike SkidPlate

    Especially eMTBs often suffer from impacts or stone chipping which damage the low-situated motor severely. Therefore, we were the first manufacturer to introduce the SkidPlate back in 2013, a protection element which protects the bottom side of the motor.

    Bottom side protection

    Here the concept of a 'sacrifice part' applies: Similar to a helmet, the SkidPlate absorbs impact forces by deformation or destruction which would otherwise damage the significantly more expensive motor.

    A perfect, sensitive chassis, free of any drive unit influence, made by Haibike.
    The Haibike SES System
    Especially eMTBs often suffer from impacts or stone chipping which damage the low-situated motor severly. Therefore, we were the first manufacturer to introduce the SkidPlate back in 2012, a protection element which protects the bottom side of the motor.

    Bosch motors pose two challenges for engineers at once when developing an efficient chassis: its construction size and its relatively small sprocket. Usually, the chainstay bearing has to be installed close to the point of contact between chain and sprocket. Due to the small size, this would result in the bearing running directly through the motor which is, of course, impossible. Therefore, we created a simple but efficient concept: the Haibike Sprocket Equalizing System (S.E.S).

    For a perfect chassis

    First of all, we move the chainstay bearing up. Thus, we achieve an optimized wheel lifting effect (the bike moves away from the obstacle) on the one hand, and on the other a short wheelbase (as the bearing point is not located between motor and rear wheel).

    A pulley prevents influences on the drive unit

    In order to avoid the inevitable influence of the chassis on the chain during suspension, we axially place the pulley directly on the chainstay. Additionally, we integrated a chain guiding on the pulley. Together with the chain guiding on the Haibike sprocket, a chain drop is almost impossible.

    The unique integration concept for the Bosch battery, exclusively from Haibike. Technologically precise and optically convincing.
    The Haibike StepIn Battery Integration

    Lower tube batteries have always posed a big problem for developers as a large volume has to fit on a relatively filigrane frame. The Haibike StepIn concept, however, proves that there are technologically and optically convincing solutions.

    Convincing optical and technologic solutions

    In order to reduce the optical 'weight' of the bike, we are integrating the Bosch battery slightly in the lower tube. With a combination of hydroforming tubes and Special casting components, we are including the battery optically in the frame and thus can save the common, tolerance-afflicted welding of the mounting areas. Furthermore, this solution reduces the distance between motor and battery by 11mm.

    No mounting plates and resulting tolerances during motor mounting thanks to the Haibike FullCarbon concept which additionally saves weight and space.
    The Haibike FullCarbon Interface
    Usually, the Bosch motor is screwed onto the carbon frame's mounting plates through an adapter which increases the bikes's weight, construction size and tolerances. This is why we developed the FullCarbon concept which solves all problems elegantly.

    Direct screwing

    The motor is screwed directly onto the carbon frame without using additional adapters. In the developing process, we decided to eliminate the metal cores in the Interface. Instead, the shape of carbon is optimally designed to transfer the forces into the frame. Hence, the weight and construction size is reduced and, at the same time, the stability and precision is increased.

    The Haibike carbon frames in the unidirectional laminate technique: Especially light, rigid and highly resilient thanks to the parallel alignment of fibres.
    The Haibike UD Carbon Frames
    Being one of the first manufacturers on the ePerformance market, Haibike uses carbon as frame material since 2014. We use our long classic frame manufacturing experience here. Numerous European and World Championships, as well as one silver medal at the Olympic Games, were won on our Haibike carbon models.

    All frame parts made of carbon

    All XDURO and SDURO carbon frames are made of carbon components only (except for the SkidPlate). Every single part is laminated by hand. During this process, the carbon fibre is positioned according to a set plan, parallelly and in accordance with the later stress direction (unidirectional laminate). The advantage is that the tear strength can be used efficiently, very rigid parts can be defined and other parts can be designed with more flex.

    Highly resilient and efficient

    The result is a highly resilient frame which does not only translate every single bit of energy in propulsion, but also reduces the overall weight by its extraordinary low frame weight from 2.790g in a Fully and 1.950g in a Hardtail.

    Optimized for ePerformance bikes, the Bosch Performance CX motor was developed with a focus on creating a more sport oriented unit.
    Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit
    The Bosch Performance CX has been specially optimized for sporty use. The motor delivers a constant maximum torque of up to 75 Nm up even to a high speed range.

    The motor offers an impressive maximum torque of 75 Nm. The “Direct Flow” technique also guarantees powerful support in the lower cadence levels. Trail Control offers a dynamic power management system, that allows the rider to choose the optimum support level (50-300%) for the terrain they are riding, their riding style, and the distance they are looking to cover. “Shift detection” protects your chain by cutting off the torque from the motor during shifting for smooth gear changes.

    It is a control center, navigation system, fitness trainer, music player and much more: the Nyon display board computer.
    Bosch Nyon Bord Computer
    The large 4.3 inch color screen displays comprehensive information, such as the built-in navigation with moving map in both 2D and 3D or classic information like current, average and maximum speeds, day trip and total mileage.

    Furthermore, Nyon also informs about on the time, riding duration and even the total operating time of the e-bike. The system also has an intelligent remaining range calculation with topography display, can display incoming SMS and allows to accept incoming calls from the smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Likewise, the driver can control the music player on his smartphone.

    For committed exercisers, the Nyon computer provides comprehensive fitness functions and information such as heart rate and cadence, the current driver performance, calorie consumption and training efficiency. The Nyon also has a Bluetooth preparation for heart rate chest straps. The five selectable and individually adjustable support modes (Eco, Tour, eMTB/Sport, Turbo & OFF) as the pushing aid can be directly controlled by the remote on the handlebar. A Micro-USB interface provides a convenient charging function for mobile phone or MP3 player. The "OFF-board use" allows you to use all functions of the Nyon even when it’s removed.


  • Frame Carbon, high-modulus UD-Monocoque, thru-axle M12 (1.75) x 142mm, disc brake Post Mount, Travel: 120mm
  • Rear Shock FOX Float DPS Factory SV, air
  • Fork FOX 34 Float CTD O/B, air, Travel: 120mm, aluminium steerer tube 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" tapered, thru-axle
  • Headset FSA No.42/55 A-Head
  • Sprocket titanium, Haibike CNC sprocket, 18
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano XTR DI2 M9050, 11-speed
  • Shifter Shimano XTR Di2 M9050, firebolt
  • Cogset Shimano XTR M9000, 11-40 teeth
  • Chain Shimano HG900
  • Front Hub Bike Ahead biturbo RS AC-650
  • Rear Hub Bike Ahead biturbo RS AC-650
  • Rims Bike Ahead biturbo RS AC-650
  • Tires Schwalbe Thunder Burt Evo, 57-584
  • Brakes Magura MT8, 203mm / Magura MT8, 180mm
  • Brake Levers Magura MT8, carbon
  • Pedals XDURO Freeride pedal
  • Handlebar Bike Ahead The Handlebar, Carbon 730mm
  • Grips XLC lock on grips Sport
  • Stem PRO Tharsis XC, A-head
  • Seat Tune Komm Vor
  • Seat Post Bike Ahead The seat post, patent, 31.6mm, carbon
  • Charger Bosch quick charger 4A
  • Motor Bosch Performance CX, 350W
  • Battery Bosch PowerPack 500
  • Display Bosch


2018 XDURO FullSeven Carbon 10.0
    • Frame Size
    • Rider Height
    • Seat Tube Length
    • Seat Angle
    • Head Tube Length
    • Head Angle
    • Top Tube Length
    • Chain Stay Length
    • BB Drop
    • Wheel Base
    • Stack
    • Reach
    • Stand Over Height
    • 40 S
    • 5'4" - 5'7"
    • 400 mm
    • 73 °
    • 110 mm
    • 69 °
    • 560 mm
    • 460 mm
    • -20 mm
    • 1102 mm
    • 584 mm
    • 382 mm
    • 0 cm
    • 45 M
    • 5'7"- 5'10"
    • 450 mm
    • 73 °
    • 120 mm
    • 69 °
    • 580 mm
    • 460 mm
    • -20 mm
    • 1122 mm
    • 593 mm
    • 402 mm
    • 0 cm
    • 50 L
    • 5'10" - 6'1"
    • 500 mm
    • 73 °
    • 130 mm
    • 69 °
    • 600 mm
    • 460 mm
    • -20 mm
    • 1142 mm
    • 602 mm
    • 422 mm
    • 0 cm

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